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Elvin Chuwa

Executive Producer

Elvin wears many "hats" in Vertigo's overall production workflow. But his role as an Executive Producer takes precedence.

He's a hands-on kind of manager, who plays a key role both in the operational and creative aspects of a production. Elvin, who had been a much sought-after video editor for more than 15 years, has a knack for creating distinctive visual signatures.

In the over 15 years since he first started out in the industry, Elvin has been involved in thousands of productions, many of which have won regional and international awards. Some of his proudest work to date were done at Vertigo.

Elvin loves bringing stories to life on screen and cherishes the collaboration process with his crew, colleagues and clients.

Elvin's portfolio includes 2 New York Festivals awards, 1 Asian Television Award and 1 AIDB World Television Award, all of which were television documentaries produced for Channel NewsAsia.